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(07) three woogyu drabbles

your love alone is not enough. 330w

His body is aching somewhere, he doesn’t know exactly where. He swifts slightly, trying to find a more comfortable position, but finds himself unable to do it when Woohyun starts thrusting harder. He seems angry. He is probably angry, since nowadays he only fucks him when he is, until Sunggyu is undone and limp and broken. It hurts in that place where his body meets Woohyun’s, it hurts. But he likes it that way now, or at least that’s he guesses so.

Woohyun comes before him, and pulls out without thinking twice before retreating to the bathroom, leaving Sunggyu laying on the bed with a hard-on. He growls when he hears Woohyun turn on the shower, and after a while slides a hand down his torso until he reaches his member, moving his hand slowly at first. The sound of the water falling fills the room and he pictures the younger male naked under it, muscles stretching under his skin. He moves his hand faster, but it’s not enough. He remembers the last time they showered together, Woohyun peppering kisses all over his chest between giggles, strong arms holding him tight. And then, he comes.

“You could have helped me out at least,” Sunggyu mumbles when Woohyun comes back to the room and he is already picking up his discarded clothes from the floor.

“I wasn’t in the mood.”

“Great,” he mutters before closing the sliding door.

He keeps his eyes fixed on the upper bunk, where Sungyeol doesn’t seem to be able to stay still. The lights from the outside seem to be brightening stronger today, and the cistern never seems to shut up; he closes his eyes tightly but it’s no avail, he knows he won’t be sleeping tonight.

Woohyun softly runs his hand through his bare back while he lies on his stomach. He kisses his shoulder while Sunggyu’s eyes flutter open. “Good morning. I love you.”

Sunggyu’s eyes flutter open again and the memory is gone.

misery is the penalty for love crimes. 532w

Sunggyu’s skin is feverish against the other’s one, it always is. It ignites something inside Woohyun, he kisses harder, deeper, until he can feel every single corner of the older’s mouth. There’s some saliva running down their chins, he honestly doesn’t mind. There’s also something wet on Sunggyu’s cheeks and he’s almost sure that’s not spit, it can’t be, and when he finally pulls apart he can see it obviously is not.

Sunggyu’s eyes are watering, he’s seen that before, he sees that a lot lately. The older is already mumbling i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m so sorry and Woohyun knows what he means, knows why he looks so hopeless and frustrated and sad. He wishes it wasn’t his fault, he wishes his kisses would make the other happy and not the other way around.

Sunggyu’s hard to please, he tells himself, but he knows that’s not all. He knows he can try his hardest and it will never be enough, and what’s worse, he knows Sunggyu is trying his hardest and that will probably never be enough either.

Sunggyu never makes breakfast, except when he does and Woohyun wakes up a bit late to a bowl of soup and some rice. Sunggyu talks about everything and nothing while he munches his kimchi. When the leader laughs, Woohyun can’t help but think they fit like pieces of a puzzle. They’re perfect for each other and the older looks beautiful this morning, but he doesn’t say that aloud.

Sunggyu says i’m sorry i don’t love you again and it doesn’t matter how many times he’s heard it, his heart always breaks the same. He clings to the older and asks softly if he can sleep with him tonight. Yes, please do. Both of them know Woohyun wishes staying the night meant roaming hands and heated kisses and slowly fucking Sunggyu (or being fucked, he really doesn’t care) until the dawn came and Woohyun could mumble against his hair things like you’re beautiful you’re so soft i love your smell without sounding ridiculous or out of place.

Sunggyu says i don’t think i can love you and Woohyun is not ready to let go but doesn’t have any other options left. Sunggyu will eventually find a girl to marry and settle down, and maybe some day he’ll tell her the story of when his best friend confessed to him and he tried and tried but couldn’t love him back. Maybe he will say something like if i could fall in love with a man, it would have been woohyun. Or maybe not, maybe he’ll find a girl, marry, settle down and forget that guy that once loved him ardently and kissed him like his life depended on it, because after all it didn’t matter how deep they kissed, nothing ignited inside of him.

Woohyun wants to believe he’ll get over all of this, but it’s hard to do so when he know’s he will never be able to marry and settle down, even if he finds a boy he wants to tell the story of when he fell in love with his best friend and tried and tried but he never loved him back.

hang with me. 901w

A single drop of sweat rolls down his forehead. He focuses on Hoya, running towards the goal from the left side of the field. He turns, dodges one of the defenders and runs too, Hoya always on his left. Hoya reaches the second defender, another one approaching him from the right side, and Woohyun hears his own voice screaming loudly. Hoya sees him, has probably seen him from the beginning, and kicks the ball. The last defender notices him too late, and by the time he realizes what’s going on he’s too far, before Hoya, who doesn’t have the ball anymore.

The ball bounces right in front of him, he kicks it and keeps on running. The goalkeeper looks at him intently from under the crossbar, eyes piercing. Now it’s only the two of them, and he’s not going to lose. Not again. The goalkeeper is looking at him as if he could read his intentions, and Woohyun stutters for a moment, until he remembers he actually can’t (oh how he wishes he could sometimes).

He kicks the ball decisively, the other jumps, the ball grazes the tip of his fingers and the (small) stadium roars. Before he’s fully aware of what’s happening, somebody is hugging him from behind and another guy is jumping towards him, and he suddenly doesn’t feel the ground under his feet anymore. Some of his teammates are laughing and shouting but his attention is not there, but fixed on the goalkeeper, who’s slowly standing up and dusting off his pants.

Their gazes meet briefly, the other’s harsh and cold, and Woohyun shivers.

He makes his way towards the changing room, the noise from the outside muffled and barely audible. He passes the rival’s room, where they are already changing, and greets some of the players while accepting their congratulatory words, but eventually leaves towards his own changing room, apparently empty as his teammates are outside celebrating the victory. He knows that’s where he will be waiting.

When he arrives, the room is silent. His “hello?” echoes in the room, but no one answers. From behind one of the columns, the other appears slowly, his expression as serious as when he saw him just some minutes ago in the field.

“Aren’t you going to congratulate me?” Woohyun mocks.

The other boy snorts, turning slowly as he makes his way towards the showers. Woohyun smirks and follows suit, dropping his shirt on the way.

When he finds the shower that is on, the other is already naked under the stream, casually rubbing his chest, his eyes closed. Woohyun lets go of his remaining clothes to join him, and he knows the other has noticed although he pretends to be oblivious.

“Sunggyu,” he whispers in his ear when he finally hugs him from behind.

“I’m not going to congratulate you,” the other mumbles, eyes still closed.

“It’s ok, I know you’re happy for me.”

“Am not.”

Woohyun smirks against his neck and starts to swing slowly, still pressed against the other.

“Why are your so difficult, Kim Sunggyu.”

“Don’t pretend it doesn’t turn you on.”

“You turn me on,” he sighs. “But maybe we should stop doing this.”

Sunggyu moves for the first time since Woohyun entered the shower stall, quickly turning in his embrace to face him.

“What are you saying?”

“Nevermind,” the other replies, softly nibbling his jaw.

“Woohyun-” The younger boy lowers his hands until he’s cupping the other’s ass and eats the words that are trying to leave Sunggyu’s mouth.

There’s a finger inside of his ass before he can even consider trying to repeat the question and Woohyun is pushing him against the wall, and it’s almost suffocating the small space between Woohyun and the wall as the other presses closer and closer, but he doesn’t have any intentions of complaining.

The shower stopped working some minutes ago and the air is chilly, but Woohyun is warm against him, so he buries his hands inside the other’s wet hair and clings to him.

It’s in the aftermath that Sunggyu thinks he may be catching a cold, even if Woohyun is still impossibly close, hugging him like it’s the last time they see each other. He’s always so tender it’s almost too much for Sunggyu to handle.

They jump when they hear ruckus in the corridor; celebration must be over and they definitely don’t want to be seen hugging naked in a shower stall, so they jump and start getting dress as fast as they can.

“What did you mean before?” Sunggyu says, almost nonchalantly, although Woohyun knows that’s not a question one can make nonchalantly.

“I just don’t like this anymore.”


“Date me.”

The other snorts loudly. “Did you hit your head or something? I don’t even like you.”

“We should definitely date.”

“In your dreams.”

“I’ll ask again after the next match, and the match after. I’ll ask again.”

“Let’s not meet after the next match.”

Now it’s Woohyun who snorts, clearly amused that Sunggyu has considered even for a second that possibility. “In your dreams.”

Sunggyu rolls his eyes, but a small smirk grazes his lips.

“I’m off, bye,” he turns towards the door.

“See you after the next match.”

The older doesn’t turn around immediately, but when the door is almost closing behind his back he looks briefly at Woohyun with a teasing smile. “Next time I’ll win for sure.”
Tags: fandom: infinite, pairing: sunggyu/woohyun, type: fic
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